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Horseriding Stance

January 14, 2015

TaeKwonDoI really try hard not to be that parent.  You know the one, that interferes with their kid’s practice, distracting the student and teacher?  I typically sit, keep to myself, knit, and observe.  This last time, however, I couldn’t help but to share one of my “mama moments” with you.

Instructor:  “You don’t have to bend at the knees that far for horseriding stance.  Haven’t you ever ridden a horse before?”

Peanut:  “No.  <insert pause, with thoughtfulness>  Well, actually, I do ride a horse all the time at Chuck E. Cheese.”

Knowing that she was referring to a mechanized video game, I couldn’t stifle that laugh.  My little one promptly turned around and glared at me accordingly.  Maybe we all are that parent whether we want to be or not.

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  1. Roberta Isaacs permalink
    January 14, 2015 5:13 pm

    Rebecca, It is so good to hear from you!!! I really miss you. I am so glad that we can communicate. You are a wonderful mother and an equally wonderful person.


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