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Red, White and Blue Awards

July 19, 2013

ImageFor those of you who don’t know, Peaknits has been in the running for a business grant from the Military Spouse Business Association.  Participating in the contest includes daily voting among your competitors, and we have made it to the final round!  “The Red, White, & Blue Awards were created to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of businesses run by veterans and military spouses.  This is our inaugural year and our goal is to award six business grants, three to military-family owned businesses and three to veteran owned businesses. In addition, we want to help promote these businesses, not only within the military community, but also in the local communities these businesses help to support” (Red, White and Blue Pages).

What would we do if awarded the money?  Not only would we be able to offer you a bigger and wider variety of yarns to choose from with our custom handknit and handwoven goods, but we are also creating our own!  I have mastered the skill of spinning and am currently working with farms and rescues for fleeces to truly offer you American made and one of a kind items from the ground up.

Voting ends August 13th and the winners will be announced August 15th.  So if you have a minute, please take a moment and vote for Peaknits!

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