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How Many Projects Are You Working On?

January 22, 2013

One of the things that I love about weaving is the instantaneous gratification.  If you’re not certain how a particular color scheme is going to look, or are just simply anxious to see it, you can literally have a sample of it done in a day.

The tough part is the accumulation of said “samples”.  The problem I am running into in my shop is that I am bored with my blankets and would like to expand my abilities as an artist.  Yes, I’ll admit it – over two years of creating squares and rectangles have left me wanting more.  And although I have grandiose ideas, it requires a lot of piecework – some take anywhere from 6-8 individual three foot triangles that I have to piece together.

And this my friends, takes time.  Time and dedication at staring at the same color scheme.  Not to mention the prolonged fear that possibly, I might run out of yarn before the huge project is completed.  A fear to commit begins.  I love my yarn, but I had a bad habit of not writing down my original intentions.  And after time has lapsed before I actually start to work on it, I use more of it than I intend to and then a “whoopsie” occurs.  This typically happens when I buy something to “accent” and just fall in love with it so much that it consumes my project and I use it throughout the entire piece instead.

Then add in the custom orders – such as using my husband’s uniforms to upcycle into albums and crafts, and having so many scraps left over.  I couldn’t just throw them all out without a guilty conscience.  This led into wreaths, purses, and other ventures I’m still working on to add to the shop, in addition to my knitting and weaving.

Simply put, I may only advertise 1-3 new items a month in the shop.  And sometimes I have a bunch go up at once.  This is because the reality of the situation is that I am working on 9-12 projects at a time.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for it all, sometimes I’m not.  And I can never tell you which will be finished.  As much as my business brain would love to have first in, first out, it’s never a reality.  With me, I never know!

Here are just a few of works in progress –

Black Valentine

Black Valentine


Somewhere Over the Rainbow






Still Deciding On This One – Probably Will Take It Apart

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